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I have learned the secrets of this industry from the best mentors and providers in solo ad marketing!

I want to pass these results on to my clients at very competitive prices. I know the challenges of being an affiliate marketer and spending $$$ on traffic with varying quality and crossing my fingers hoping the investment will pay off.

I Will Provide You With Fresh Traffic From Real Buyers, No Bots

I am an Internet Marketer and like you, I expect to be receive what I pay for. Many traffic providers will send you bot traffic or dead leads with high OPT-IN's with leads that do not engage at all! I have been there and done that. I have also paid for Top of the Line Traffic spending 3 times the amount I charge and results did not compare much better than an average solo run with a few sales.

There are many other mediums for promoting your internet business. Facebook has exploded but the cost of PPC on Facebook and Google is sky rocketing! Even Bing which previously was a bargain is now rivaling Google with CPC costs for Biz Opps.

Email marketing is still considered the most effective way to market to Biz Opps and MLM type businesses. Many PPC Networks Shut You Down for even the slightest mistake in violating their very strict policies, either by rejecting your ads or shutting down your account all together without warning. I know the hurt of having your account shut down!

If You do not receive at least 25% opt-in Rate I will resend traffic at no charge UNTIL YOU Get 25%** of the original click purchase. I aim for 35% minimum and many of my buyers get well above 40% opt-in. See Below!

You will also receive 10% Overdelivery Guaranteed!

How do  you do that?  Simple. I get my traffic from NON Saturated sources. The leads I provided are fresh from other traffic sources like PPC and Youtube.

I will target your traffic to people that opt-in on my list from these sources and treat them right so they are more likely going to respond to your offer.

My traffic is best suited for BIZ ops and MLM Examples Below. 

Whether you are promoting Network Marketing / MLM-Offers, Affiliate Offers,your own Products or Coaching, I will provide you with a Perfect Target Audience just full of Extremely Motivated Action-Takers who simply cannot wait to make their next purchase TODAY.

what others had to say about my traffic?

I bought clicks from Lee Zahn and she rocked it. I bought 300 clicks and she delivered 330. I got 48% optin and 3 sales.

Jasper Internet Marketer 

I just had my first run with Lee and I was amazed. I bought 500 clicks. She gave my 570 and I now have 240 new people in my list. This blew me away. I got 2 sales from my email follow-up and I am hoping for more.

Fateha K. Internet Marketer

​I had great experience with Lee. I bought 500 clicks and she delivered 550. I received 255 new subscribers to my list. Will be buying again.

Erik M. Internet Marketer 

More Testimonials from Facebook 

High Optin Rates

Premium Unique Solo Ad Clicks Contain 80% Tier 1 Countries (US, CA, NZ, AU, UK, IE)This list is very responsive and has proven buyers.

1000 Unique Premium Clicks 

$600 (6o cents a click)

500 Unique Premium Clicks

$300 (60 cents a click)

400 Unique Premium Clicks

$240 (60 cents a click) 

300 Unique Premium Clicks

$195 (65 cents a click)

200 Unique Premium Clicks

$140 (70 cents a click)

 100 Unique Premium Clicks

$75 (75 cents a click)

Supreme Unique Solo Ad Clicks Contain 100% Tier 1 Countries (USA & Canada 100%)Insanely responsive and Produces buyers very often.

1000 Unique Supreme Clicks

$1000 ($1.00 a click)

500 Unique Supreme Clicks

$500 ($1.00 a click).

400 Unique Supreme Clicks

$400 ($1.00 a click)

300 Unique Supreme Clicks

$300 ($1.00 a click)

200 Unique Supreme Clicks

$200 ($1.00 a click)

100 Unique Supreme Clicks

$100 ($1.00 a click).

How To Secure Your Traffic.

Additional Support

** Most of my clients get over 40% opt-in but their squeeze pages are super optimized. For 25% guarantee you need optimized squeeze page. I will always check and advise and If I tell you my guarantee does not apply then you are responsible. I want your success. The guarantee applies to 25% of the click package for example if you buy 100 clicks I guarantee you 25 opt-in. I will deliver you at least 110 clicks. It is recommended you do not have double opt-in  in your auto responder. I can assist you with that. I cannot guarantee opt-in with double opt-in set up!                                                                                                                ***I have had great results with front end sales with this traffic but cannot guarantee front end sales. If you have a product that is over $17 I would suggest offering a trial price (for instance many programs have $49 front end but have several trial offers) These will most likely result in a front end sale. Solo ads are for capturing leads and it is best to have strong email follow-up sequence to close sales.

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Refer a friend and earn up to $25.00 per referral. Money deposited directly into your paypal account upon completion of referral sale.!!