Four business lessons from baseball

Baseball may not be the most exciting sport to watch, but it may be the healthiest.
And I am so glad the season just started.
Here’s why I think more people should watch baseball:

The most successful hitters only succeed one out of every three times.


They may see an average of 2,800 pitches a season and only reach base on 200 of them.

The most successful fielders aren’t hailed for their flashiness, but for their consistency.

Including Spring training and the playoffs, a team can play 200 games in about 240 days.

Even pitchers go through the exact same motion and only make slight variations. Starting pitchers will make the same motion an average of 3,500 times a year, not counting practices and warm-ups.

If you can survive the mundane repetitiveness of baseball—showing up every day, fielding your position, swinging and missing a lot, and practicing the same motions—you can succeed in online business.

Starting your own business is one of the most natural, human skills.

It just takes more patience and character than many people are willing to learn.

If you want to become that kind of person, good for you.

Many people start an online business and if they do not make money right away
they give up. I was just at a mastermind event in Jaco, Costa Rica and our trainer told
us not to judge the season by the first week. You have 160+ games to go so when we start out
we cannot expect to bat 1000 or even .300 but we need to stay in the game.

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