About Us

Hello I am Lee  Zahn. World Wide Internet Marketer.

Welcome to Geek To Chic Marketing. I have over 30 years in Information Technology working with fortune 500 companies. I am a member of NAPW (National Association of Professional Women). I specialize in risk and fraud management in IT. My Honesty and Trust are my assets.

Internet Marketing was a hobby of mine since 2008 but now it is my business!. There was always something missing in my first attempts at online marketing. I tried the cheap and easy methods where I just posted affiliate  made a few sales but then nothing. I invested $$$ in a so-called business coaching program only to have an unprofitable business model with a pretty website that was that was not making money but cost me  money.

What I found was missing in my business strategy was a profitable business model. Advertising costs are always increasing and in order for any business to be successful profit margins need to be healthy enough. You can make some money with $47 products but you need to acquire over 1,000 customers to have this product worth your while.

I offer  traffic services and affiliate marketing opportunities for those that want to make money online. The magic push button is hard work so do  not let people fool you. There are tools to help our productivity but no magic carpet ride or you can pay 6 to 7 figures to have the work done for you.

I want to provide good products and services to my clients.

Here is what I believe in.

  1. Integrity and Honesty are a must. These are principles I live by.
  2. I believe in giving my clients the best service possible
  3. Provide fair and honest prices for the goods and services I provide.
  4. I want my clients to succeed that is the only way I will succeed.
  5. Good enough is good enough. Perfection can kill our efforts.

Please find my page on Facebook where I will be posting about my journey as online marketer with helpful tips and recommend tools.

Warmest Regards

Lenore(Lee) Zahn